Friday, February 5, 2010

the danger zone.

ebay is so dangerous.
in the last few months i have been addicted to
searching HK merch and as much as i tell myself i'm just going to look, i ALWAYS bid on something.
I got these little cuties today!

and today i was bored, and stumbled upon this!!
it's SO cute and it MUST be mine.

I came upon this on google and will begin my ebay search for cactus kitty.
too cute.


  1. i was looking up hk alarm clocks just last night haha. we are too funny! i didn't see that cutie though or else it'd be in the mail on it's way to me right NOW! haha soooo adorable!! the only teacup one i saw was the pink one, with the lemon...i'm sure you've seen it! that one is amazingggg though!

  2. hello kitty in a tea cup = amazing.
    i love herrrr.